Meeting Minutes for April 11, 2016

Moraine Conservation and Sportsman’s Club

Meeting Minutes for April 11, 2016


7:12pm – Board of Directors met prior to the general membership meeting. These are the list of issues that were discussed:

  • Jon had bills for cleaning, heating oil, excavating and trap bldg materials. He was asked to pay the bills.
  • Jim was asked about the Armstrong contract but needs the current phone bill from Century Link to finish all the necessary paperwork.
  • The Erie Insurance additions to include more coverage will add approximately $430 more to our premium. This will cover all the buildings and equipment.
  • Membership cap was discussed and revised back to not include spouses in the total.
  • NRA grant was approved and the club will receive 17,500 22 ammo for the junior rifle team.
  • It was decided to budget for a table at next year’s Friends of the NRA banquet to support the organization that provides the grants we have received over the years.
  • Nicole is to receive a card key for cleaning


7:35 – Meeting was called to order – Pledge of Allegiance & Conservation pledge

Introduction of Officers: President Mike was absent so Jon ran the meeting. Kim-Recording Secretary, Brian Jesteadt-Membership,  Jon Hiser-Treasurer, Stephen Gustkey-Pistol Team, George Queen –Membership at Large and Mike Ripley-Jr. Rifle/Black Powder.


Treasurer’s Report: Jon read the treasurer’s report.

Bills & Communications: Jon framed and hanged the CMP certificate

Pop Machine: Nothing to report

Pistol Team: Winter league has finished up and the recent sectional match had 27 shooters. Brian Jesteadt won the match so congratulation was made. Stephen turned in $303.00 to club after expenses.

Rental Committee Report: Peggy reported 2 upcoming rentals and turned in $525 from deposits and payments.

Stephen says the Constables will be renting the range May 13-15.

Trap Team: Tom turned in $52.84 after expenses from practice and the recent Little League shoot.

Black Powder: The Frolic had attendance down probably due to weather. After expenses Mike turned in $232. He also had a meat shoot the day before and had a great turnout and turned in $50 to club. Meat shoots are the 2nd Sunday of every month and anyone is welcome to come out and shoot their muzzleloaders.

Junior Rifle Team: The team is still continuing to grow and is waiting to shoot outside when weather is nicer. Mike turning in $50 from range fees but also wanted to give a big thanks to Bruce Bateman for writing the NRA grants for the kids. Still shooting 1st & 3rd Tuesdays.

Fun Indoor Shoot: Dickie reported that they are done with the fun shoot until October 3rd when they will start back up. The league will run through the winter until March, 2017. He is turning in $55 to club.

Sister in Arms: Nothing to report

Membership: Brian read and welcomed all new members and collected $960 in dues with $95 going into the maintenance fund and $865 to general fund.

Old Business: Jim said he will be issuing keys again another Saturday to be determined at a later date. Stephen said the excavating done at the rifle range also included the digging and removal of our buried oil tanks.

New Business: Stephen spoke to members attending the meeting that we are always looking for ideas and help finishing up projects like building rifle range benches, someday updating the inside of the club with the removal of old paneling etc. To help keep expenses down we are asking the members to be more involved with improving and maintaining the facilities. Mike reported that the oven in the kitchen sparked and smelled when it was plugged in and recommended that it be replaced. Stephen said he would have a look at it. Jim reported that April 2nd he was at the club issuing keys. He turned in $570 for 29 keys issued.

8:25 pm – George made a motion to adjourn meeting.

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