MCSA Club Key Card System Changes – April 2nd 8am-Noon

Please be aware that the keycard system for the club building will be changing on Saturday, April 2nd at 8am.  The old red or blue keys will no longer work after that time.

On that day, between the hours of 8am and 12 noon, we will be programming new cards for any members that stop in, provided they have been in good standing longer than a year.  The fees for the new cards will include a $20 one-time fee to help defer the costs of the card, along with a $10 recurring annual fee.  If a card is lost, there will be a $20 fee to obtain a replacement.

If you are unable to make the April 2nd date, we can issue cards at each meeting at 7:30pm on the second Monday of each month, or we can make special provisions if necessary.

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