Meeting Minutes January 11, 2021

7:00 pm – Board of Directors met prior to the general membership meeting. These are the list of issues that were discussed:

•         Discussed removing the old mower and tractor sheds.

•         Replacing the injection pump on the Ford tractor.

7:30 pm – Meeting was called to order

Introduction of Officers:  Mike Cumberland- President, John Hiser- treasurer (absent), Brian Jesteadt- Membership, James Hacke- Secretary, Roger Carfangia- Pistol, Mike Ripley- Black Powder & Junior Rifle, Tom Horstman- Trap (Absent).

Treasurer’s Report: No report today.

Bills and Communications:    No report today.

Pop: No report today.

Rental Committee Report:  No report today.

Pistol Team:  Rodger said they competed in 6 matches since 11-16 meeting.  Rodger took in $380, expenses of $189, kept $58, turned in $133.  Rodger announced that due to Covid-19 the pistol team is not currently traveling to other clubs to shoot and that this is a great time for anyone interested in stopping by the club to learn to shoot with them.   22 cal. & Centerfire 32, 38, & 45 cal. All welcome to come practice.

Trap Team:  The winter trap league will be ending on Jan. 17th.  There will be a banquet shoot on February 27th starting at 1 pm at the trap field for all who participated in the league.  As of now, all trap shooting will end until spring.  It cost $3.50 per round of 25 targets.  Anyone is welcome to come and shoot. 

Black Powder:  Mike said they were successful for the primitive deer hunt this year.  Had a few guys stay down at the cabin during the hunt. 

Meat Shoot:  Trail shoot brought in $450, expenses $225, kept $67, turned in $158.  Meat shoots are on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 11:00 am.  (Black powder, closest to bullseye).

Junior Rifle Team:  Mike took in $136, kept $41, turned in $95.  Shooting will be on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month from 6:30-8 pm and only cost $2.  Contact Mike Ripley with any questions or interest. 

Archery:  Thanks to Eric Beveridge for moving forward on our new stationary outdoor range.  Eric has set the bases for the target holders.  Additional work to be completed closer to spring.    

Fun Indoor Shoot:  Dickie was absent tonight.  He sent word that the shooting is on a temporary pause and will resume at a later date.  They normally shoot every Monday at 10 am-till shooting is done.  Doors open at 9 am.  Everyone is welcome.   .22 caliber rifles from a rested position. Closest to bullseye wins a prize. 

Membership:   Brian took in $3,215, maintenance fund $340, general fund $2,875, key cards $200.  For the year 2020, we had 95 new members.  Current membership is 463 senior life/charter members, 629 total club members.

Old Business:  The current flagpole inside the hall was refinished and the American flag was replaced.  Thanks to all who were involved with that project. 

New Business:  Brian asked to use the club for Boy Scout Troop 33 to have a chance to earn their rifle merit badge.  Was a unanimous vote to allow the troop to use the club.  They will be at the club on Feb. 9th with a rain date of March 16th.  Check the website to see what time they will be at the club. 

Good of the Association:   

8:07 pm – Motion to adjourn

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