MCSA Club Key Card System Changes – April 2nd 8am-Noon

Please be aware that the keycard system for the club building will be changing on Saturday, April 2nd at 8am.  The old red or blue keys will no longer work after that time.

On that day, between the hours of 8am and 12 noon, we will be programming new cards for any members that stop in, provided they have been in good standing longer than a year.  The fees for the new cards will include a $20 one-time fee to help defer the costs of the card, along with a $10 recurring annual fee.  If a card is lost, there will be a $20 fee to obtain a replacement.

If you are unable to make the April 2nd date, we can issue cards at each meeting at 7:30pm on the second Monday of each month, or we can make special provisions if necessary.

Trap Practice starting every Tuesday

March 1st will be the start of the Tuesday trap practice. Starting time will be 5pm and is open to all members and public so bring a friend, shotgun and ammo for some fun shooting. Don’t forget to always have eye and ear protection as that is mandatory. The club does not sell ammo so please make sure to bring your own.

The Butler Co. Trap League will start March 30th @ Mars Rod & Gun Club with the first shoot at Moraine April 6th.

Key card reader is repaired

The old key card reader on the door near the kitchen has been repaired, so anyone that has a key card can access the club building again.  The new key card system will be coming very soon, and information will be posted here once details have been decided.

Information about joining the “Sisters in Arms” program

Because of the growth and increased interest in Sisters in Arms, Sharon has asked to post this message for everyone:

I need to divide the “Basic Beginners Handgun ‘Fun’-damentals” into a class or meeting prior to joining the Sisters in Arms group. This will help bring new people up to speed with the existing attendees.

So the Beginner’s ‘Fun’-damentals with Sharon can be one on one, or with a group. Depending on how much Sharon needs to supply, the cost may be $25, but please contact Sharon for more details. Hopefully, this will help anyone that is interested in joining the Sisters in Arms to get some experience first, and catch up with the rest of the group.

Anyone interested please call Sharon Cronin at 724-421-6989 or at