Meeting Minutes August 12, 2019

7:00 PM – Board of Directors met prior to the general membership meeting. Discussed the bills to be paid and agreed to pay the school tax bill.
7:34 PM – General meeting was called to order, Jon Hiser got rooked into being temp Secretary since no one else would do it.
Introduction of Officers: Mike Cumberland – President, Jon Hiser – Treasures, Brian Jesteadt – Membership, Mike Ripley – Black Powder/Jr Rifle, Steve Gustkey, Pistol.
Peggy, Tom and Jim were absent.
Treasurer’s Report: Jon read report, there were no questions.
Bills and Communications: there were no communications for the month.
Pop: Steve tuned in $7.00
Rental Committee Report: Steve reported that there are rentals the 17th and the 24th.
Pistol Team: Steve stated that the state Bullseye match was held at the club last weekend. Had a pretty good turnout. The event took in $2,215 with 42 shooters in the event. After prizes, NRA, CMP fees and expensed he was turning in $700 from the event.
The summer league will conclude around the end of this month and the indoor league will be starting in September.
Black Powder: Mike reported the meat shoot took in $300, had expenses of $200 for prizes, and turned in $70.00.
Rendezvous is August 29-31. All are welcome to come join in. Steve needs some more help for the kitchen. This is for breakfast and lunch only.
Fun Shoot: Dick reported that the Fun shoot will start the 1st Monday in October. They may start a second class for scoped .22 rifles. That would allow for two classes, one for open sites and one for scoped rifles. The door opens at 9. All are welcome.
Membership: Brian took in $565, key card $20.00, $55.00 maintenance fund, $490 general fund. The club voted in 11 new members.
Old Business: None
New Business: Steve reported that we need a new cap for the furnace chimney.
Jon reported that we need to work on draining the rifle range field.
Rich Hoover stated that there are still rounds going into the grassed areas at the pistol range and not impacting the backstop. They are tearing up the grass and concrete pads.
Mike stated that we are going to get the oil tank filled in preparation for winter and before the price of oil goes up.
Good of the association: None
Meeting was adjourned at 8:13

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