Meeting Minutes June 10th, 2019

7:00 pm- Board of directors met.
7:30 pm- Meeting called to order.

Introduction of officers: Mike Cumberland- President, John Hiser- Treasurer, Brian Jesteadt- Membership, Steve Gustkey- Pistol, Mike Ripley- Black powder & Junior rifle.

Treasurers report: John gave report. Ending balance $1,039.00.
Got a billing correction credit from Central Electric for $201.18.

Pop: Steve turned in $5.

Rental Committee: Hall turned in $425. Hall rental June 22.

Pistol Team: Collected $219 in range fees.

Trap Team: Trap practice Tuesday nights at 5:00. $3.50 per round.

Black Powder: Mike had meat shoot on June 9th.

Junior Rifle: Ended till further notice.  If there is interest to restart Junior rifle team, we will evaluate options at that point.

Membership: Brian took in $290. $30 to maintenance fund. $260 to general fund. 38 new members for 2019. 427 senior life/ charter members. 585 total club members.

Old Business: Basement water problem is fixed.
Tile floor cleaning is done.

New Business: 100 yard rifle backstop needs some repair work.

Motion to adjourn.

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