Meeting Minutes for April 9, 2018

7:00 pm – Board of Directors met prior to the general membership meeting. These are the list of issues that were discussed:

  • Discussed that it will be a good idea to get the septic system cleaned out.
  • Steve G. will be calling a couple excavating companies to bid french drains.

7:30 pm – Meeting was called to order – Pledge of Allegiance & Conservation pledge

Introduction of Officers: Mike Cumberland- President, Stephen Gustkey- Pistol, John Hiser-Treasurer, Brian Jesteadt- Membership, Mike Ripley- Jr. Rifle/Black Powder, James Hacke- Recording Secretary.

Treasurer’s Report: John read treasurer’s report.

Bills and Communications: Received our CMP renewal certification. (FYI, this certification gives all club members the ability to purchase firearms from the CMP).

Pop: Steve turned in $6.

Rental Committee Report: Peggy turned in $500 from rentals. April 24th & May 15th Iron Mountain, April 21st Eric Beverage, May 4th, 5th, 6th PSU, May 19th Club Anniversary Picnic, Sept 25 & 26 (Hunter Safety Class).

Pistol Team: Pistol team took in $73, expense $0, kept $22, turned in $51. Steve announce a nice turnout of around 40 shooters for the sectional match. The pistol team shoots on Thursdays, outdoors starting in May, from 5 PM till dark. 22 cal. & Centerfire 32, 38, & 45 cal. All welcome to come practice.

Trap Team: Nothing to report this month. Practice will resume this spring (date to be announced) on Tuesdays, $3.50 per 25 targets. Open to general public, club members, and new shooters.

Black Powder: Mike said there was a nice turnout for the frolic, around 40 people. Mike took in, for the frolic, $675, expenses $142, kept $158, turned in $375. 2nd Sunday of each month 11:00 am are the meat shoots (Black powder, closest to bullseye).

Meat shoot took in $145, expenses of $100, kept $14, turned in $31.

Junior Rifle Team: Nothing to turn in this month. Juniors welcome to come shoot on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday’s of each month from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

Archery: Still looking for any members willing to join together to make a team to practice.

Fun Indoor Shoot: Dickie turned in $205. The fun shoot is 10 rounds for $10. Dickie announced that the fun shoot will soon be ending and will start up again in the fall/winter. They will be shooting every Monday 10am-4pm(note the time change). Everyone is welcome. Iron/Peep sights with .22 caliber rifles from a rested position. Closest to bullseye wins a prize.

Membership: Brian read new memberships and turned in $260 of which $25 to maintenance fund and $235 to the general fund. $0- was turned in for key cards. He reported 62 new members for 2018 which brings a total of 424 Sr, Life and Charter members. Total membership is 578.

Old Business: Cameras are back up and running. Ray Cumberledge turned in a bill to John for DVR. A reminder that our 50th Anniversary Club Picnic will be coming up on May 19th. Starting at 11am for all members and guests. If you would like to help out with the picnic contact Steve Gustkey.

New Business: Newsletters will be getting emailed or mailed out shortly. The newsletter will also be posted on the clubs website.

Good of the Association: Please remember to police your brass on all the shooting ranges.

8:09 pm – Motion to adjourn

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