Meeting Minutes for November 14, 2016

Moraine Conservation and Sportsman’s Club

Meeting Minutes for November 14, 2016


7:08pm – Board of Directors met prior to the general membership meeting. These are the list of issues that were discussed:

  • Stephen talked about US law shield class possibly being conducted at club in January that will be free of charge for all members.
  • Range rules sign is still on order
  • Peggy said last hall rental accidentally threw key away. It was discussed that we make a change on the rental agreement to state any tampering with security cameras is an automatic forfeit of deposit.
  • Need to add trap league schedule to website so there’s no conflict with range users.

7:33pm – Meeting was called to order – Pledge of Allegiance & Conservation pledge


Introduction of Officers: Stephen Gustkey-Pistol, Mike Cumberland-President, Kim- Secretary, Brian Jesteadt-Membership, Mike Ripley-Jr. Rifle/Black Powder and Tom Horstman- Trap.


Treasurer’s Report: Jon read treasurer’s report.

Bills and Communications: Received check from SRU range rental, electric bill still high but same. Cleaning bill submitted for Nicole.

Pop: Steve turned in $38 for pop

Rental Committee Report: No range rentals lately and Peggy reported 4 hall rentals since last meeting and turned in $675. Next hall rental is scheduled for December 18th.

Pistol Team: Team doing good and are currently in 1st place. Steve turning in $110 to club after expenses.

Trap Team: Tom is turning in $43.87 for trap. Winter league has more shooters this year.

Black Powder: Mike reported good turnout for meat shoot and is turning in $56 to club after expenses.

Junior Rifle Team: Starting back shooting this month.

Fun Indoor Shoot: First shoot had 9 shooters. Dickie turning in $33 to club.

Membership: Brian read new memberships and collected $1815 of which $230 to maintenance fund and $1585 to general fund. Total active members are 670.

Old Business: Pistol range is still getting “turfed up” by shooters shooting into the grass. Jim was asked to please try to get the outdoor security cameras installed so we find out who is doing the damage

New Business: Kim asked that Rich Hoover get a gift certificate for taking care of the mowing. Mike Ripley suggested that we increase his gift certificate for such a good job. Steve suggested that a bulletin board be placed at the pistol range so members can post items for sale. He also talked about the US law shield class that is tentatively scheduled for January 14th and will be offered free to all members. He believes cost to non members will be $10 but hopefully there will be more information soon. John Davidson wants to start an indoor Archery league in January on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. Kim mentioned again that she will be resigning from Recording Secretary next month when election of Officers will take place. Mike C. asked that anyone wishing to fulfill the position to please let him know.


8:20 pm – George made motion to adjourn meeting.

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