Meeting minutes for October 10, 2016

7:03pm – Board of Directors met prior to the general membership meeting. These are the list of issues that were discussed:

  • Mike C provided the treasurers report in Jon’s absence. Mike R turned in $600 from Rendezvous and reminded that Jon needs to send a thank you card to Mr. Wilson for his donation.
  • Peggy said a member requested the use of the kitchen to cook food for a personal party but was rejected by the Board.
  • Steve suggested replacing halogen bulbs with Led’s above backstop and kitchen.
  • Front door still needs Mike to finish.
  • Tom suggested that we need signage at rifle range
  • Steve will start working on fall newsletter

7:30pm – Meeting was called to order – Pledge of Allegiance & Conservation pledge

Introduction of Officers: Stephen Gustkey-Pistol, Mike Cumberland-President, Kim- Secretary, Brian Jesteadt-Membership, Mike Ripley-Jr. Rifle/Black Powder and Tom Horstman- Trap.

Treasurer’s Report: In Jon’s absence Mike C read treasurer’s report. He also mentioned there was $2500 in Cabin fund. Mike R said he was planning on working on finishing Cabin.

Pop: Steve still selling pop and hasn’t decided on future sales but did well with hunter safety group.

Rental Committee Report: Range rental last weekend, SRU next Monday and PSU has already requested 5 weekends next year. Steve said the hunter safety course was well run and had 50 kids. Peggy turned in $800 from Aug-Oct rentals. She said we have two more rentals this month.

Pistol Team: Started shooting indoors with 2 shoots already. Steve reported a good turnout with 18 shooters. He is turning in $102 to club.

Trap Team: Tom is turning in $273.56 from last month’s report.

Black Powder: Had a meat shoot yesterday. Mike said they are planning a squirrel hunt Oct.29

Junior Rifle Team: Will start shooting 1st and 3rd Tuesday starting in November. Taking kids ages 10-21yrs.

Fun Indoor Shoot: With no help Dickie said they will start shooting 1st Monday in November. They shoot 1st, 3rd and 4th Monday every month @ 7pm. everyone is welcome.

Membership: Brian read new memberships and collected $560 of which $70 to maintenance fund and $490 to general fund. Total active members are 624 with 53 left towards capping membership. We have 158 new members for 2016.

Old Business: Bob Rotharr built another shooting bench and turned in a bill for supplies. Steve fixed the broken faucet in kitchen and turned in bill to Jon.

New Business: Steve is going to work on newsletter. Free bags of ice in freezer before unplugging unit. Steve talked to Boy Scouts regarding use of club and they are going ahead with plans and said maybe Feb they will assemble benches. Steve suggested donating table kits. He mentioned that the Boy Scouts also wanted to thank the Trap Team again for helping them at their last outing. Jim said the Trap team hosted a Cancer shoot Oct 2nd and that organizer Shannon Clarke had nice pictures on her Face book page of the event. She also said she was looking forward to maybe hosting another fundraiser next year. Tom mentioned winter Trap league will be starting Oct. 30 and already has more shooters than last year. Everyone is welcome to come out and join the league.


8:09 pm – George made motion to adjourn meeting.

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