Meeting minutes for September 12, 2016

7:00pm – Board of Directors met prior to the general membership meeting. These are the list of issues that were discussed:

  • Harry Dillaman addressed the BOD regarding the dissension created by the placement of the 100 yd backstop in the middle of the trap field. He felt it was installed without the trap teams knowledge and input and that it was done with poor planning and no thought. The trap team had agreed to allow the range to move to its new location as long as it didn’t interfere with the trap fields and that didn’t happen.
  • Tom requested that there be a range rules posted at the rifle range building.
  • Jon only had a cleaning bill to pay

7:33pm – Meeting was called to order – Pledge of Allegiance & Conservation pledge

Introduction of Officers: Stephen Gustkey-Pistol, Mike Cumberland-President, Kim- Secretary, Brian Jesteadt-Membership, Mike Ripley-Jr. Rifle/Black Powder, Jon Hiser-Treasurer and Tom Horstman- Trap.

Treasurer’s Report: Jon read treasurer’s report.

Pop: Steve bought new pop and dumped the old. He noted that he will discontinue with the pop in the fridge.

Rental Committee Report: Range rental tomorrow with Iron Mtn. Hunter Safety Sept 27 & 28, PSU Sept 16-18th. Hall rental coming up on Oct 1st.

Pistol Team: Had State pistol match last month with 39 shooters. Stephen reported a gross $1923 less $114 to PRPA, $200 to CMP and $734 for awards. He turned in $613 to club and said the indoor league will be starting September 29th.

Trap Team: Tom reported the Boy Scouts came out to shoot trap last Tuesday evening on practice night and that there will be a cancer benefit shoot on Oct 2nd. Registration is 10am – 2pm and cost is $25. Practice starts at 5pm every Tuesday. The winter league will start Oct 30. Kim forgot checkbook so will turn in report next month.

Black Powder: The Rendezvous was a great success and weather was good. Mr. Wilson again donated $1000.00. Mike said there will be a wedding next year during the rendezvous. Steve said he had good help in the kitchen this year but didn’t make good money. Steve turned in $384 from kitchen. Mike is turning in $620.

Junior Rifle Team: Will start shooting 1st and 3rd Tuesday starting in November until May when they will start shooting every week until Camp Perry.

Fun Indoor Shoot: Dickie said they will start shooting 1st Monday in October.

Membership: Brian collected $20 for key cards and read new memberships. He collected $310 of which $30 to maintenance fund and $280 to general fund. Total members are 622 with 442 counting towards cap.

Old Business: Still need one more shooting bench. It was suggested to bring old one up from trailer but Bob Rotharr said he would build another one. Steve reported the kitchen sink faucet had broken. He will look into fixing it. He also said the Boy Scouts were looking to build picnic tables for a project and was inquiring about using the club to assemble them this winter. There was a tree down in the parking lot last weekend but Tom took care of it.

New Business: none

8:00 pm – George made motion to adjourn meeting.

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