Meeting Minutes for July 11, 2016

7:05pm – Board of Directors (except Jon) met prior to the general membership meeting. These are the list of issues that were discussed:

  • Tom suggested that we purchase cameras for the trap building. It was approved.
  • Still need to install outdoor cameras around main club
  • Jim handed out keys and login information to BOD to access camera footage.
  • Mower repairs were discussed and possibly look into purchase of new mower in the future
  • New chairs were purchased and old wooden chairs will be kept for chair rentals


7:34 – Meeting was called to order – Pledge of Allegiance & Conservation pledge


Introduction of Officers: Stephen Gustkey-Pistol, Mike Cumberland-President, Kim Bateman- Secretary, Brian Jesteadt-Membership, and Mike Ripley-Jr. Rifle/Black Powder. (Jon Hiser-Treasurer showed up late)

Treasurer’s Report: no report due to Jon’s absence

Bills & Communications: nothing to report


Pop Machine: $3.00 was turned in but Steve reported that another can exploded due to someone turning up the dial in refrigerator to colder.


Rental Committee Report: Range rentals coming up are SRU police on 7/20 for qualifying, Iron Mtn in Sept, PSU Constables 7/22-7/24. Peggy reported a rental this weekend and Eric B. rescheduled rental this Wednesday to July 20. She asked Jon (who recently showed up) to return two deposits.


Pistol Team: Still shooting Thursdays and turned in $196 to club.


Trap Team: Tom turned in $354.80 from 2 league shoots and practice.


Black Powder: Nothing to report since cancelled meat shoots for a few months. Getting ready for Rendezvous Labor Day weekend. Mike spoke with George and said he sounded good.


Junior Rifle Team: Just got back from Camp Perry where Mike’s daughter Michaela shot real well scoring 585/600 and winning 2nd place in the National Rimfire Sporter Match. Junior rifle is done until November where they will start back practice nights. Mike turned in $37.


Fun Indoor Shoot: No shooting until the fall.

Sister in Arms: Nothing to report


Membership: Brian read new memberships and collected $250 of which $20 to maintenance fund and $230 to general fund. Total members are 604 with 135 new for 2016


Old Business: Jim was asked to install outdoor cameras and he said when the weather cools off he will. He also stated that the rifle range is done with the exception of still needing dirt behind wall.


New Business: Steve requested he still is looking for kitchen help during the Rendezvous from 8am-2pm. Mike Ripley talked and explained about the Rendezvous and said the public is welcome to stop by 10am -5pm. After hours requires proper period clothing to attend. He also mentioned that the 2016 Eastern Rendezvous will be end of September at Cooper’s lake.


8:08 pm –a motion to adjourn meeting.

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