Meeting Minutes for October 12, 2015

Meeting Minutes for October 12, 2015


7:07pm – Board of Directors met prior to the general membership meeting. These are the list of issues that were discussed:

-Bruce resigned from Trap team director.

-Jon will look into liabilities for Board members regarding potential lawsuits. Maybe have to look into E&O insurance?

-Trap building has started with electric installation in new building. Moving service to building will eliminate the on demand meter that is currently in use. Kim has a partial bill from Rose Electric she will fax to Jon.

-Club dusk to dawn lights are not working properly and will contact Central Electric to have fixed.

-BOD asked Jon to pay any bills due.


7:37     Meeting was called to order

Pledge of Allegiance & Conservation pledge

Introduction of Officers: Kim-Recording Secretary, Mike Cumberland-President, Brian Jesteadt-Membership,  Jon Hiser-Treasurer, Stephen Gustkey-Pistol Team, George Queen –Membership at Large

Last month’s minutes read and accepted

Treasurer’s Report: Jon paid property taxes and provided copies of Treasurer’s report for anyone who wanted one.

Pop Machine: Steve reported an income of $37 from pop in refrigerator but spent $36 for paper towels. Said Pepsi still hasn’t committed to picking up broken Pepsi machine. Bruce and Jim said they will remove it for scrap.

Bills & Communications: Jon paid bills

Rental Committee Report: Just had hall rental last week and another coming up. Stephen reported PSU has secured dates for 2016 with the price increase. They booked four 3 day weekends next year.

Trap Team: Kim turned in $47.63 from practices. Jadco Corp had their annual employee shoot on September 26th and had a great time. Little League shoot on Oct 22nd. Moraine trap team hosted the BCTL banquet last weekend and had a real nice turnout and lots of fun and good food.

Pistol Team: Started indoors and doing well and good turnout. Stephen turned in $70 to club.

Black Powder: Had 10 shooters and broke even. George turned in the monies from Rendezvous in Mike’s absence from last month’s report.

Sister in Arms: Sharon sent a message to Jon stating that due to an injury, she will be cancelling all upcoming

Programs until further notice.

Junior Rifle Team: nothing to report until they start back up in November.

Membership: Brian read all new memberships and welcomed all new members who introduced themselves. He collected $1185 in memberships with $1040 to General fund and $145 to Maintenance fund. We have approximately 560 members with 150 new this year. Also noted that we received two donations from club members and wanted to acknowledge their generosity.

Old Business: Jim said all the downed trees behind club have been cleaned up. Mike said all new doors are painted and back door has been installed but reported that the card keys will no longer work with the new door. Bruce said he met with Harold Tenny regarding building of the new rifle range and feels confident that he may help us out. Stephen mentioned that pistol member Vito Pelosi also may be able to help but Jim was unaware that he was a viable contact.

New Business: Stephen reported on a sad note that friend and member Leon Panella passed away couple days ago. Dickie asked if there were any available evenings to organize and host a monthly indoor fun shoot. Said you don’t need to be a member to participate. Junior Rifle is always looking for new kids to shoot starting in November. Contact Mike Ripley for more information. Mike asked that motion be made to upgrade our card key system. Motion passed and Bruce and Jim will get info for next meeting. Pepsi will not remove pop machine.

8:25 pm – motion was made to adjourn meeting.

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