Meeting Minutes March 14, 2022

7:00 pm – Board of Directors met prior to the general membership meeting. These are the items that were discussed:

· Steve said the floor in the hall will be getting stripped and waxed.

· Steve began getting some bids to make the front entrance easier to access.

7:33 pm – Meeting was called to order

Introduction of Officers:  Mike Cumberland- President, Chris Smith- Treasurer, Brian Jesteadt- Membership, James Hacke- Secretary, Roger Carfangia- Pistol, Mike Ripley- Black Powder(absent), Tom Horstman- Trap(absent).

Treasurer’s Report: Chris read the report.

Bills and Communications:  Chris reported that spring taxes are due and will be paid.  He also reported that the club’s CDs are getting renewed.      

Pop: Steve turned in $14.

Rental Committee Report:  March 12th the hall is rented (all day).  March 26th outdoor pistol range for the Frolic (all day).   April 9th & 10th Penn State range and hall all day. 

Pistol Team:  Rodger reported for 8 matches from Jan-Mar.  They took in $702, had expensed $278, kept $127, and turned in $297.  Rodger said the sectional match will be on March 25, 26, and 27.  The pistol team gathers on Thursdays at 5 pm to shoot 22 cal. & Centerfire 32, 38, & 45 cal. All welcome to come practice.

Trap Team:  Jim reported that the winter trap league brought in $920, had expenses of $852.15, kept $20.36, and turn in $47.50.  Also turned in an additional $52.50 from money that weld held back for making change.  Practices will resume sometime in the spring.     

Black Powder:  The frolic will be held on March 26th.  There will be a trail shoot and paper targets at the pistol range. 

Meat Shoot:  Nothing to report this month. 

Junior Rifle Team:  Mike Ripley is no longer running the Junior Rifle team.  Anyone that is interested in taking over please contact Mike or a board of directors.    


Fun Indoor Shoot:  Barry Deagan has accepted the role to run the fun shoots.  He turned in $240.  They normally shoot every Monday at 10 am-till the shooting is done.  Doors open at 9 am.  Everyone is welcome.   .22 caliber rifles from a rested position. Closest to bullseye wins a prize. 

Membership:   Brian collected a total of $1,410, maintenance fund $135, general fund $1,275, key cards $60.  New members for the year 2022 are 33.  The current membership is 447 senior life/charter members, 606 total club members.

Old Business:  Steve still looking for 2 more volunteers for the hall improvement committee.            

New Business:  Seth Meisel donated some material to update the 100-yard rifle target holders.  Jim said he is going to look into getting some new lawn care tools (shovels, rakes, etc…).

Good of the Association:   A big thank you goes out to our members who promote the club to continually receive new memberships. 

8:06 pm – Motion to adjourn

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