MCSA 2022 Newsletter

    Happy fall to all of our members! As we look towards the holidays and wrapping up another year, I would like to thank each of our members who have been involved in many different ways. We have watched our club continue to move forward with various projects being completed, several annual shooting events successfully held again, and live monthly meetings have taken place once again. Thank you to each team captain for keeping things moving along this year, and adjusting your schedules to help make things happen.

I would like to thank the pistol team for taking the lead on installing the new indoor backstop, and also each member or friend who helped supply the essential labor for that project. Thanks to each one who pitched in with the cleanup and removal of the three sheds and large amount of debris that was left behind. Special thanks to Bob Rothhaar for getting rid of the many tires that were gathered up around the property. There were so many other projects that were completed by people donating time and materials that were used in various ways to help the club save money so a BIG THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU! There are still things that continue to need attention so if you want to get involved come to the monthly meetings, it helps keep costs down and will help membership dues to stay reasonable.

I would like to thank all of our members who have joined us and participated in our monthly meetings. I also want to encourage members who haven’t come to a meeting recently to try visiting us on the second Monday of each month at 7:30pm. We have had several people say they would be interested in getting something organized for the archers in our membership, but it seems we rarely hear back from them, so if you’re interested in developing an Archery team, come talk to us.

Special thank you to Mr. Mike Ripley for the many years of dedication to our youth by teaching them to safely shoot with the junior rifle team.  Mike founded and led the team for years and had great success, and we now need new leadership due to Mike’s retirement from coaching. Who will step up to be the person that guides our future generations of shooters? Another big thank you to Jon Hiser for his time as Treasurer.  Jon did an excellent job keeping track of our finances and reporting back to the directors each month.  Without his help, the bills wouldn’t have gotten paid, and he was instrumental in making sure we were covered with the correct insurance and all our other paperwork was filed properly and in a timely fashion.

We ask that each member continue to police our ranges to make sure they are being used by members and guests of members. Remember that anything you bring needs to leave with you or be put in the dumpster by the clubhouse. Be sure everyone is using targets that are made specifically for shooting, and all bullets strike the raised dirt backstop (not just the grass).  Range rules are posted at each range for the safety of the shooter, and others that may be near the range. 

Take care, and see you on the range,
Mike Cumberland

To report any issues, contact MCSA Chairman Mike Cumberland at 724-332-5241.
NEWS The Pistol team shoots indoors starting in late September through March, and outdoors every Thursday through the summer. For more information, please contact Roger Carfangia 724.556.9938

Monthly meetings are the second Monday of each month at 7:30. It would be great to see you there.
Club information Club rental activities can be found on our website,
Reminder: no casual shooting on the outdoor pistol range while the club is under rental agreement. Contact Stephen Gustkey (724-865-3283) or Peggy Fellenz (724-794-3676) for more information.

Our annual membership renewal period will begin October 2021, and will end in February 2022.

During this time, members looking to renew can stop by and see Brian Jesteadt at one of our monthly meetings, or send a check (payable to MCSA) and please include self-addressed stamped envelope to:

BUTLER, PA, 16001

**** Seniors – $30.00 **** Spouse – $15.00 **** Juniors – $5.00 ****  **** Life – $300.00 ****

Husband and wife life membership is $375.00. Keycards are available to members (after 90 days of membership) for $20, with a $10 renewal each year. Renewals must be completed by the February meeting. Members that miss the deadline will be required to pay a $15 reinstatement fee along with their dues.    

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