Meeting Minutes November 8, 2021

7:00 pm – Board of Directors met prior to the general membership meeting. These are the items that were discussed:

7:31 pm – Meeting was called to order

Introduction of Officers:  Mike Cumberland- President, Chris Smith- Treasurer, Brian Jesteadt- Membership, James Hacke- Secretary, Roger Carfangia- Pistol, Mike Ripley- Black Powder, Tom Horstman- Trap (absent).

Treasurer’s Report: Chris read the report.

Bills and Communications:    Chris announced nothing new this month. 

Pop: Steve turned in $5.

Rental Committee Report:  Peggy turned in a $100 deposit to be returned.  SRU will be renting on Nov. 9th from 9 am – 4 pm.  Dec. 4th the hall is rented all day.    

Pistol Team:  Rodger took in $97, had expenses of $65, kept $9, and turned in $23.  The pistol team gathers on Thursdays at 5 pm to shoot 22 cal. & Centerfire 32, 38, & 45 cal. All welcome to come practice.

Trap Team:  Jim reported from 8-10 to 10-19 trap team took in $224, had expenses of $119.76, kept $31.27, and turned in $73.  The range is open every other Tuesday until further notice.  The next shoots will be on Oct. 5th and 19th.    It cost $3.50 per round of 25 targets and starts at 5 pm.    Anyone is welcome to come and shoot. 

Black Powder:  Mike had nothing to report.

Meat Shoot:  Mike had nothing to report.   

Junior Rifle Team:  Mike Ripley is no longer running the Junior Rifle team.  Anyone that is interested in taking over please contact Mike or a board of directors.    

Archery:  The 20, 30, 40-yard range is open down at the end of trap fields.  We are looking for anyone interested in building some tin roofs over top of the archery targets.  If interested in helping or taking on this project, please contact a board of directors.      

Fun Indoor Shoot:  Dickie turned in $125.  He reported that due to the low attendance the fun shoots will be suspended until further notice.  They normally shoot every Monday at 10 am-till the shooting is done.  Doors open at 9 am.  Everyone is welcome.   .22 caliber rifles from a rested position. Closest to bullseye wins a prize. 

Membership:   Brian collected a total of $1390, maintenance fund $50, general fund $1340, key cards $110.  New members 115.  The current membership is 481 senior life/charter members, 657 total club members.

Old Business:  The boiler had its yearly tune-up completed by Fresh Air.    

New Business:  The club chairman, Mike Cumberland, wanted to acknowledge all the work that Tom and Jim have done around the club over the past couple of years.   A motion was made and approved by a majority vote from the membership in attendance to grant Tom Fischer and Jim Hacke a lifetime membership to the club.   It was brought to attention that bullets at all ranges have not been impacting the backstops.  Please remember to honor this simple club rule.  The curtains inside the club are very old and need to be replaced.  Anyone willing to take on this task please contact Steve Gustkey.        

Good of the Association: The election of officers is approaching very quickly.  Please take the time to come to the next meeting to nominate candidates for each position.   Mike also asked the Veterans in attendance to stand in honor of the upcoming national holiday, Veteran’s Day.      

8:19 pm – Motion to adjourn

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