Meeting Minutes for 14 June 2021

Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Role call of officers: Mike Cumberland, Chris Smith, Brian Jesteadt, Mike Ripley and Brian Jesteadt were present. ABSENT Roger Carfangia, Tom Horstman, Peggy Fellenz and Jim Hackey. 20 members at large were present.

Treasurer’s report: Presented by Chris Smith. Read and approved

Bills and communications: Bills are all paid. A new assessment of property shows a slight increase due to the new pole building. It was noted that it needs to be checked to make sure the old tractor shed is off the records. A donation request was received for the YOUTH SPORTSMENS ORG. field day. It was tabled pending more information.

POP: Stephen turned in $20.00

Rental: Stephen reported that Slippery Rock university police have the outdoor range rented for the 15th and 16th  from 8AM to 4 PM. A hall rental is scheduled 19th and 20th by Eric Beveridge.

Pistol Team: No report from Roger but Stephen reported they are shooting outdoors Thursday evenings and have the indoor backstop renovation about 90% complete and are waiting for delivery of rubber medium.

Trap and Archery: No report. Trap on hold due to ammo shortage. Indoor archery target butts need to be installed in the old frames from which the hay bales were removed.

Black Powder: Mike turned in $70.00 and noted the May shoot was rained out. There will be no shoot in July.

Junior Rifle: Mike reported that interest has waned considerably and next week’s shooting will be the last for the time being. He also said that he will be stepping down from his position as head of the Junior Rifle after 12 years and we will need someone to take his place if it is to continue. He said he will gladly help someone get started in that program.

Membership: 12 new members were approved. Brian turned in $685.00 with $65.00 going to the maintenance fund. MCSA now has 634 total members of which 463 are charter, life and senior members. We have 94 new members this year so far.

Old Business: Stephen noted the kitchen ceiling lights have been converted to LED by Bob Mariacher and himself.

New Business: Tommy noted that it would be helpful if we found a way to provide electricity to the new pole building.

Motion to adjourn at 8:30 PM.

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